Aman Amanah

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We welcome like-minded individuals who inspire to be a shariah compliant muslim advisor into our family.​ No, this is not a gimmick. Learn to be a Professional Trainer, and stand a chance to get to be a Certified Islamic Wealth Advisor for Free!

We are hiring new consultants for 2023. This new team will be involved in classes, events, seminars, workshops, planned and fixed throughout 2023.

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ou will gain opportunities to conduct classes and seminars when you are ready, so long as you show interest and you are open to learning and coaching to become a professional speaker and trainer.

If you share this common mission or if you are searching for a career that gives fulfilment and greatly benefit others, I am prepared to commit my time for a one-to-one discussion with you to share my experience, and how to carve a role for you that will hone your personal, team and leadership capabilities. Don’t be shy to drop us a WhatsApp chat to find out more!

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