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Wealth management is a difficult

Wealth management is a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to leave you feeling like there’s no way out. The right approach entails research on both sides of every decision that ensures these standards are met at all times avoiding riba in the process!

Many out there say “this investment” is halal and shariah-compliant, but are they really?

You can rest easy knowing that our shariah-compliant wealth management solutions are set up to make sure you don’t risk any of your hard-earned money on Riba, Gharar or Haram industries.

Investing your money is a big decision and one that will shape the rest of your life. Aman Amanah offers professionally managed solutions for Muslims who want good halal returns while still adhering to Islamic Values.

We specialize in providing comprehensive Islamic wealth management solutions for Muslims who seek to align their investments with their religious values. Our licensed and accredited financial planners and consultants are trained to understand your unique needs as a practicing Muslim and deliver tailored solutions accordingly. We aim to provide you with a harmonious journey, full of Barakah, as you transition to keeping a Shariah-compliant portfolio.

With a focus on ensuring Shariah compliance, we leave no room for uncertainty or compromise when it comes to the ethical integrity of our services. Our recommendations and strategies are guided by renowned Shariah Advisory Boards, including AAOIFI, IFSB, and Bank Negara of Malaysia. By relying on these esteemed institutions, we ensure that our wealth management solutions are free from Riba and aligned with globally recognized standards of Shariah compliance.

We are diligent in providing shariah compliant advice

We reference leading shariah advisory boards & we have an in-house asatizah

We’ve helped more than 1,000 clients be riba-free

No matter how tangled your wealth is with Riba, we will help you be Riba-free

We have over 80 years of combined experience

Our team of certified consultants have a total of 83 years of experience in shariah compliant wealth management

Services to help you be Riba-free

Wealth Distribution

Wasiat, Wakaf, Sedekah, Zakat

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Wealth Management

Cash Flow Practices As A Muslim

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Wealth Protection

Permissible Insurance

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Wealth Accumulation & Enhancement:

Savings & Islamic/Shariah Compliant Investments

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Wealth Puriication

Dismissal Of Impure Wealth & Also Zakat

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Steps to achieve a Riba-free lifestyle

1. Send an enquiry

Clarify about your financial plans, know if they are Shariah-compliant, or find out if your wasiat is done right

2. Get expert guidance

We help you know your options and make the best decision for yourself. For investment, insurance, and wasiat.

3. Be Riba-free

Implement our advices and recommendations to start living your life riba-free.

What our clients say about us

i attended one of the talks today and i gain many knowledge and want to share to my friends...i will recommend others to join this course as the speaker is very entertaining and he make my day....besides gaining knowledge we also hv fun in class with his jokes....well done mr Zaid Masagos

Sheeda Amoo

Truly an awesome experience dealing with Aman Amanah Team. They have your best interest at heart and will give the best advise to ensure you'll have a Riba Free Living and not have any worries about your savings and income as it is aligned and has been vetted for Syariah Compliant.

Habarinah Plb

Zaid demonstrates that having the courage to change can make a difference in his life. You may not like the idea, but you know you need it. Plunge right in. The water isn't that deep, its how long you can hold your breath that matters.

Hanifa Kahar

Over the years I have known Zaid Masagos he has consistently impressed the circle around him with his relentless vigour and committment to the matter of his field. Unwavering and fast on time, Zaid is a task-driver and a professional you can always count on. Without a doubt, he is one of the finest out there.

Rayan Daniyal

Our videos

Here are some commonly asked questions that we frequently address. For answers specific to your situation, please book a consultation, and we’ll be delighted to provide personalized guidance:

How severe is the prohibition of Riba?

Am I currently involved in any Riba-related activities, such as Mortgage/Credit Card Loans, Retirement/Education Savings, Investments?

How can I minimize Riba and transition to a Riba-free lifestyle based on my current circumstances?

Why are some insurance products considered permissible but are actually non-Shariah compliant?

Are there different types of debts, both worldly and with Allah?

Is Faraid disbursement obligatory or optional?

If these questions are some of what you have in mind or you may have other question, we recommend scheduling a consultation. Our team will be happy to address your individual concerns and help you make informed decisions in line with Islamic financial principles.