Aman Amanah

About Aman Amanah Advisory Group

We specialize in Islamic Wealth, operating under the Banner of FAiWA (Financial Alliance Islamic Wealth Advisory), headed by Assoc Director, Zaid Masagos

How do you ensure that your wealth management solutions such as investments and insurance products are shariah-compliant? That those products are free from Riba? And free from involvement in industries which are haram?

We are a team of licensed and accredited financial planners and consultants operating under FAiWA (Financial Alliance Islamic Wealth Advisory). We are trained to bring complete solutions to Singapore Muslims and those seeking ethical means to manage their wealth in accordance with Shariah principles.

We are trained to first and foremost understand YOUR needs as a practising Muslim, and how to best deliver the solutions to you accordingly. We aim to provide you with a harmonious journey, full of Barakah, as you transition to keeping a Shariah-compliant portfolio.

Our resources and advice pertaining to the maqasid shariah and permissibility of transactions come from among the top Shariah Advisory Boards in the world, including AAOIFI, IFSB and Bank Negara of Malaysia.

Our Team

Zaid Masagos

Associate Director

Toward Riba-free living

Surina Zakariah

Senior Consultant

“Wealth is not in having vast riches, it is in contentment.” (Muttafaq ‘Alaih)

Mohd Shafee

Senior Consultant

Seize 5 moments before the next 5 appears…health before sickness..youth before old age..wealth before time before preoccupation and your life before your death.” (Al-Hakim).

Md Asyari


Whoever follows a path in pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to paradise. (Muslim, 2699)

Md Asyraf


“Don’t often satisfy for answers, seek the truth” (Asyraf)

Marlini Rahim


“To seek lawful earnings is an obligatory duty following other obligatory duties” (Bayhaqi, Shuib al-Iman)