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i attended one of the talks today and i gain many knowledge and want to share to my friends...i will recommend others to join this course as the speaker is very entertaining and he make my day....besides gaining knowledge we also hv fun in class with his jokes....well done mr Zaid Masagos

Sheeda Amoo


Truly an awesome experience dealing with Aman Amanah Team. They have your best interest at heart and will give the best advise to ensure you'll have a Riba Free Living and not have any worries about your savings and income as it is aligned and has been vetted for Syariah Compliant.

Habarinah Plb


In my opinion, Zaid Masagos is one of the leading Islamic Financial Experts in the region. His insights and knowledge have always been a step ahead. More important is how as Muslims we can purify our wealth, earning and income to lead a Riba Free Life.

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